KW 6: TÜV seal for cybersecurity in the smart home, Ikea launches range of smart sockets, Amazon plans central Smart Home Command Center


TÜV seal for cybersecurity in the smart home: The German technical inspection and certification agency TÜV wants to establish a new certification for cybersecurity in the home under the acronym CSC. With “cybersecurity certified”, the TÜV wants to dispel widespread security concerns about smart home applications, since these “block development and encourage active market renunciation”. This is the result of a survey commissioned by TÜV, in which two thirds of the respondents, 1,000 people, expressed concerns about hacks and data misuse on internet-enabled devices in their own four walls. Around 75 percent wanted an independent test mark.

Ikea launches range of smart sockets: Ikea is breaking new ground in the smart home sector by releasing a new system of power strips called Åskväder. The set consisting of a double socket, a single socket, a power cable and an extension cable, to be integrated into the smart home and complement the existing Trådfri system. With smart sockets, lamps, for example, can be retrofitted with intelligent control options. In addition, they enable the power-reduced control of devices that do not have an on / off switch and are therefore always switched on, such as refrigerators.

Amazon plans central Smart Home Command Center: Amazon is developing a new Echo device with a large touchscreen that attaches to the wall and serves as a smart home control panel, video chat device and media player, according to people familiar with the plans. The company’s Lab126 hardware division is designing the device to be a digital command center, showing users upcoming calendar events, controlling accessories like lights and locks, and playing music and video. It would include Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant and microphones and a camera for video conferencing, said the people, who asked not to be identified discussing private matters.

Eon uses drones for power grid inspection: In order to effectively monitor its own power grids, energy group Eon and eSmart Systems, a provider of software for grid inspection based on artificial intelligence, have announced a partnership to optimize asset management of the European distribution networks, which will make inspection processes safer and more sustainable. So far, the AI systems and drones have supported the three Eon distribution network operators Edis, Mitnetz Strom and Westnetz.

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The lighting technology manufacturer Signify expects the German smart home market to grow by 15 percent annually.


Smart nesting boxes for the winter: Germany is experiencing one of the worst winters in years. In these weather conditions, humans as well as birds begin to make themselves comfortable at home. Wintertime is the time for the native songbirds to look for nest boxes. These are now also available as intelligent devices. Equipped with a Raspberry Pi Zero and infrared observation camera, the inside of the box can be observed from the living room at any time. A project that might also make childcare in the home office a little easier.

Huawei – what is true of the allegations? Since the trade dispute between the US and China escalated, the Chinese technology giant Huawei has been in the crosshairs of criticism. Several Western governments have accused the company of plagiarism and data espionage. As a result, more and more countries are excluding Huawei from expanding their own 5G networks. So far, the measures have been driven mainly by fears, there is no solid evidence for the allegations against the Chinese company. But the closeness to the Chinese government and a series of scandals, even before the dispute with the US escalated, feed the suspicions incessantly.

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„Anyone who buys high-priced digital products can rightly expect that they will continue to function without any problems and without security gaps long after the purchase.“
A draft law by German Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht passed by the cabinet on Wednesday sets an update obligation for digital elements to ensure long-term functionality and IT security.


Hacker attack on water supply in Florida: A computer hacker gained access to the water system of a city in Florida and tried to pump in a dangerous amount of a chemical, officials say. The hacker briefly increased the amount of sodium hydroxide (lye) in Oldsmar’s water treatment system, but a worker spotted it and reversed the action. Lye is used in small amounts to control acidity but a large amount could have caused major problems in the water. No arrests have yet been made and it is not known if the hack was done from within the US or outside. A computer controlling Oldsmar’s water treatment system was remotely accessed on Friday.

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