KW 45: Desk with smartphone connection and fitness program, Smart routing for more stable smart home connections, 6 inexpensive gadgets that make your home smarter


Desk with smartphone connection and fitness program: The American startup Autonomous has announced a smart desk. The height-adjustable desk is intended to provide more variety and balance in the daily work routine. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, smart working has become the “new normal” for many. In addition to the integrated motor and sensitivity parameters, the desk’s app also offers defined standing and sitting intervals. There is also a free fitness program that allows you to do exercises right at your desk.

Smart wine shop app Vivino is conquering Germany: Everyone knows the feeling of standing in front of the wine shelf – whether in the supermarket or in a wine shop – and being completely clueless. The online wine marketplace Vivino wants to take the fear of buying wine away from inexperienced wine lovers. On Vivino, users can discover, rate and buy wines. With the help of a smart, integrated algorithm, the app recognizes the right wine taste based on individual usage behavior, which is refined with each evaluation and purchase. The Vivino market brings together wines from Vivino retail partners in a central marketplace.

Smart routing for more stable smart home connections: For communication in the smart home to work properly, there must be no radio problems between the individual systems. Advanced routing could solve this problem. With the help of smart routing, the wireless and wired devices communicate transparently with one another.

6 inexpensive gadgets that make your home smarter: You don’t have to invest several thousand euros for a smart home. The lifestyle magazine GQ has now presented its best smart lifestyle gadgets: Google Chromecast with Google TV offers the first step into internet-enabled television. The smart light bulb Tapo L510E from TP-Link has a long service life and extremely low power consumption, as well as an integrated and programmable ecosystem. The Blink XT2 outdoor camera lets you view your home live and receive motion detection alerts. Nuki Opener also offers the intelligent door lock and the Tapo P100 WLAN socket to make your home smarter.

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The US Senate has approved 380 million dollars for securing digital voting systems.


Artificial Intelligence in the Ingolstadt Transport System: The aim of the research project “Artificial Intelligence in the Ingolstadt Transport System” is to optimize traffic flows and increase the performance of the infrastructure and traffic safety for all participants. With the help of artificial intelligence, data sources from cars, public transport vehicles, cyclists and locally recorded sensor data from pedestrians are combined and evaluated. For example, traffic light control will be adapted to the current local traffic volume and implemented in real time. The Technical University of Munich, the Technical University of Ingolstadt, the Artificial Intelligence Network Ingolstadt gGmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute for Traffic and Infrastructure Systems, GEVAS Software GmbH, TTS and Volkswagen car.SW Org are working together on the project.

Smart heater control: Autumn has begun, the leaves are starting to change color and it’s getting colder. Therefore, it should always be comfortably warm at home. Smart heating can promise high energy savings. The advantages of digital heating are, in addition to more convenience, being able to set practical schedules, operate programs via apps, automatically adjust to the weather and use the option of voice control, such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. Customers should buy certified and high-quality products, as the numerous advantages can have just as many disadvantages. For example, there are concerns about data protection in the case of cheap products or the constant changing of batteries in wireless thermostats.

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„With the implementation of the new EU regulations on the Schengen information system, the largest European police database with tens of thousands of new users in the Schengen states will be expanded considerably.“
German politician Andrej Hunko criticizes allowing access to the Schengen Information System (SIS), as this creates more potential for abuse.


AI camera confuses a referee’s bald head with the ball: An AI camera at a soccer game in Scotland kept tracking a bald referee instead of the ball during a game. The commentator in charge of the game had to apologize as the camera kept on mistaking the ball for the bald head on the sidelines, denying viewers of the real action while focusing on the linesman instead.

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