KW 43: Chinese startup launches smart mirror, Tool allows customers to benefit from fluctuating electricity prices, New Mi Watch version with SPO2 sensor


Chinese startup launches smart mirror: Chinese startup myShape recently released in China an artificial intelligence-based smart fitness mirror. The myShape mirror projects instructor videos and provides feedback that enables users to correct their movements via virtual instructors and 3D deep learning cameras embedded in the glass. It has around 1,500 training modes. The smart mirror is modeled after the American „Mirror in the U.S.“, which has already sold more than 100,000 units of its fitness mirrors, even though they are priced at $1,495 each on its website. myShape said that it has started selling an international version of its fitness mirror in 80 countries.

Tool allows customers to benefit from fluctuating electricity prices: The Norwegian digital company Tibber offers private customers access to electricity prices in real time. This is made possible by a smart meter, an intelligently communicating electricity meter that is supposed to transmit stock market prices. The reason are the strong fluctuations in electricity prices on the stock exchange, which the end consumer usually doesn’t notice. If a lot of electricity is used, electricity prices on the exchange usually rise. If more energy is produced than consumed, the price drops. The palm-sized Smartester provides information on price fluctuations in real time. The customer can thus carry out specific electricity-intensive activities at times of the day when the electricity price is lowest. Tibber has only been active in the German market since May. The startup has been selling its smart meter for two weeks.

New Mi Watch version with SPO2 sensor: Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has brought the Mi Watch to Europe. The Mi Watch resembles many other modern smartwatches, although it doesn’t run Wear OS. Instead, Xiaomi has pre-loaded proprietary software, which it claims allows the smartwatch to achieve up to 16 days of battery life. Xiaomi has also included 117 exercise modes, along with 100 watch faces and native emoji support.

Secret services are allowed to access messengers: The German government wants to give the country’s intelligence services the authority to read private messages. This would allow the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, the Federal Intelligence Service and the Military Counterespionage Service to access messengers for the purpose of securing the country against terrorists and constitutional enemies. The governing CDU/CSU parties spearheaded the plans, but there is criticism from the opposition. “The fact that the intelligence services will now be allowed to use the state Trojan is like a sell-out of civil rights,” said FDP vice parliamentary group leader Stephan Thomae.

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Research by the International Data Corporation (IDC) found that the smart home market in the Europe-Arabia-Africa economic area fell by 7.2 percent in the second quarter of 2020.


Smart home protection against burglars? The days are getting shorter, which is increasing the possibility of burglaries. Smart home solutions promise effective protection. However, the latest technology models also have several weak points, according to the police crime prevention of the German states and the federal government.

Alternative to Covid-Warn app: Germany has launched a decentralised contact-tracing app based on the Apple and Google platform to fight against the spread of Covid-19. But one of the app’s biggest criticisms has not been addressed: What about people who own a smartphone that is too old, or people who don’t own one at all? This issue presumably affects the older population, which is particularly at risk anyway. To remedy this, the Addis company from Kiel has now developed a Covid warning bracelet. The manufacturer announced that it should act as a “smart, inclusive addition” to the contact-tracing app.

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„As a man of many talents and an eye for detail and design, Hamilton is the epitome of skill, style and precision.“
Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton will be the new brand ambassador for the in-house smart home solutions brand LG Signature.


Hidden feature in the new Google display: Here’s an interesting experiment Google is kicking around on its smart displays: voice-command input without a hotword. A video detailing the feature is up on YouTube from Jan Boromeusz, a Nest Home hacker. Boromeusz’s Nest Hub Max is somehow in „Dogfood“ mode, which means it receives early, non-public builds of the smart display software meant only for internal use at Google. A special menu called „Dogfood features“ lists a „Blue Steel“ feature that will let the device respond to commands without having to say the „Hey Google“ hotword first.

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