KW 40: Smart City award for Vienna, Google introduces Home successor Nest Audio, Avast launches security solution for 5G


Smart City award for Vienna: UNESCO has awarded the Austrian capital Vienna its Smart City Award. Together with Netexplo, a company that focuses on future and innovation research, the jury rewarded Vienna for its “innovative, intelligent, networked and expressly sustainable housing policy”. The city was particularly convincing with its concepts for controlling population growth while focusing on the well-being of the residents. The principle of enabling a high quality of life for residents through technological innovations while conserving resources as much as possible is bearing fruit, according to the jury. In 2019, Vienna was named the world’s most livable city for the tenth time in a row.

Pay by hand: Amazon has developed a palm reader that customers at the checkout of Amazon supermarkets can use to pay for their purchases. Amazon One is the name of the new technology and it is intended to simplify shopping. So far, there is Amazon One only in Amazon Go supermarkets.

Google introduces Home successor Nest Audio: Four years after the introduction of the Google Home smart speaker, Google showcased its successor to the company’s mid-range smart speaker. In keeping with the broader rebranding of the company’s smart home products, the device is now called Nest Audio. The company says it prioritized more bass, added volume and clearer sound when designing the product which replaces the aged Google Home smart speaker.

Avast launches security solution for 5G: Software company Avast has launched the first intelligent smart home security solution for 5G. The Smart Live has integrated a technology developed by Avast to detect threats from artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to protecting the home network, the antivirus protection can also be transferred to mobile devices.

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Improvement: New functions for Amazon’s “Alexa”
Event: Smart City Days go into third round – “Hackathon” as a programming event
Innovation: First beer brewed with artificial intelligence


According to a Bitkom study, trade is benefiting from the smart home boom. Every third smart home user has bought the application from a craftsman or specialist retailer.


Bitkom’s ten-point plan calls for conditions for smart cities and regions: The Bitkom digital association has presented a ten-point plan that advocates sticking to digital change in view of the coronavirus pandemic. It says that Germany needs a first-class infrastructure to become a “smart country”. In addition to investments in the network infrastructures of cities and municipalities and smart mobility ecosystems, a debt haircut for over-indebted municipalities is also necessary, provided they use the financial leeway gained for digitization projects.

How technology is aiding assisted living: Artificial Intelligence has been a game-changer in all spheres of technology, especially since the turn of the century. Researchers based in the western Greek city of Patras are now taking its potential into our dwellings, to revolutionize our homes – and make them smart. The University of Peloponnese is assembling prototype living spaces to research how they may look and work in the near future for the elderly, for people with disabilities and for those living with chronic conditions. The aim is to allow these groups to live independently, safely and conveniently for longer.

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“Franconia in space, who would have thought?”
Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder has commented on the launch of the four “NetSat” satellites that were built and developed in Würzburg. The satellites communicate with each other and not via the ground station in Würzburg – a world premiere.


Tokyo Stock Exchange: Trading on the Tokyo Stock Exchange was brought to a complete standstill by a hardware failure for all of Thursday, in the worst-ever outage for the world’s third-largest equity market. The TSE said the glitch was the result of a hardware problem at its “Arrowhead” trading system, and a subsequent failure to switch to a back-up. It caused the first full-day suspension since the exchange switched to all-electronic trading in 1999.

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