KW 39: Emergency call app Nora is available – except in Berlin, Alexa robot Astro films and serves drinks, New generation of Samsung smartwatches charges itself


Emergency call app Nora is available – except in Berlin: Since Thursday, the new German emergency call app „Nora“ is officially available for iOS and Android in 15 states. It offers the possibility to transmit all important details such as a patient’s medical data, location or contact options to the emergency services quickly, reliably and safely in an emergency. Large font and easy-to-understand pictograms are intended to ensure accessibility. A „silent emergency call“ alerts control centers if the user is unable to speak at the time – for example, in the case of an acute threat.

Alexa robot Astro films and serves drinks: The household and help robot called Astro will cost US$999.99 at launch. If a number of pre-orders is reached, the robot will go into production. The Alexa robot has a display, cameras and wheels. It is about half a meter high, moves independently in the house, checks certain areas and delivers live camera images on request – even from higher places. In addition, the household robot is supposed to detect noises such as breaking glass, smoke or carbon monoxide alarms and send warnings to the smartphone. The Amazon developers have also given the robot its own personality, drawing inspiration from films and gaming. Astro uses its digital eyes on a rotating screen, expressive sounds or movements to communicate. This should make the robot funny and trigger emotions and empathy in people.

New generation of Samsung smartwatches charges itself: Samsung has just launched two new smartwatches on the market with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, but the development continues. Especially in the area of battery life, a new technology is expected to bring a breakthrough. A patent now reveals that Samsung is developing a solar wristband that charges the watch without an external power supply whenever sunlight hits it. Thus, the Samsung smartwatch with solar wristband should be able to be fully charged in just a few hours when the watch is lying in the sun or worn outdoors without being covered up.

Treadmill with extras: The Peloton Tread has been on the market since Tuesday: a smart treadmill that enables full-body workouts in addition to running training. The Peloton Tread is actually a classic treadmill for home training, but thanks to the Peloton ecosystem it offers various added values. The 23.8-inch HD touchscreen can be used to display the interactive courses with different focuses that you have access to as a subscriber to Peloton. According to the manufacturer, this is supposed to ensure particularly high and long-lasting motivation, but it also incurs monthly follow-up costs.

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According to a Bitkom survey, 41 percent of all people in Germany have now installed at least one smart home application.


Tesla’s driving assistance is only available for experienced drivers: Tesla has released the controversial FSD („Full Self-Driving“) advanced driving assistance function in the US, but much more cautiously than announced. Tesla CEO Elon Musk had long promised that the advanced driving assistance would be made easily unlockable via a switch in the control panel, but instead you can now only „request“ the unlocking. As CNBC reports, after a software update for the electric cars of the US company, there is now a virtual switch which you can use to express your interest in the beta test. However, Tesla then calculates on the basis of the driving data whether this should be approved. Those who have driven exemplary enough for seven days can use the function, Elon Musk tweeted. Only a few days ago, the head of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) had demanded that Tesla address „fundamental safety issues“ before the function could be made available on more vehicles.

The Internet of Things is becoming greener: The demand for networked devices is growing. Devices that communicate with each other in the Internet of Things are already networked today by a multitude of sensors in the form of individual nodes. So far, however, these devices have been exchanging data with enormous energy consumption. Now a lead project of the Fraunhofer Institute shows how all the sensor systems needed for this can consume extremely little power or even function completely autonomously. The promise: a saving of up to 20 percent in nationwide carbon dioxide emissions. The ZEPOWEL platform aims to optimize the entire spectrum of networked IoT systems. The special feature of the autonomous systems is above all the fact that the sensor nodes of the future can also be applied to a wide variety of IoT applications.

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„We believe that in five to ten years, every household will have at least one robot.“
said Amazon’s head of devices Dave Limp. The company also wants to expand its strong position in the connected home by then with new devices and functions for its voice assistant Alexa.


Google chips to eat: Because they have their own processor platform for the first time, the media like to call the new Pixel 6 devices „Google chips“. Google is taking advantage of this and has now designed its own „Google Original Chips“ that you can eat. Google is currently sending these chips to some people in Japan – and the advertising campaign is a success: the recipients are happily sharing their personal Google chips on social networks.

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