KW 36: Smart outdoor siren from Bosch Smart Home, GARDENA presents smart Sileno robotic mowers with LONA technology, Android 12 Beta 5 improves smart home operation


Smart outdoor siren from Bosch Smart Home: Bosch Smart Home is introducing its new smart outdoor siren, which fits seamlessly into the security portfolio and makes the smart home even safer. The existing alarm system, which has so far been operating primarily indoors, is now being expanded to include an essential outdoor component. With the siren’s clearly visible and audible deterrent, the smart home is now secured from the outside with an effective and fully comprehensive burglary protection.

GARDENA presents smart Sileno robotic mowers with LONA technology: GARDENA has presented the smart robotic mowers of the Sileno series, which will provide additional comfort from next year thanks to innovative LONA technology. Features include GPS-supported navigation, individual zone management and real-time positioning in the smart app. With the help of the GARDENA smart app, every movement of the robotic lawnmower can be tracked in real time. Mowing areas and times can be set quickly and easily and coordinated with automatic watering within the smart system.

Android 12 Beta 5 improves smart home operation: With its latest, and very possibly last, update to the Android 12 beta, Google is adding in a lot of creature comforts that flesh out the operating system’s user interaction. One of the most handy is home controls (AKA device controls), quick links to your most-used actions for controlling a smart home. Previously (and distractingly) placed in the power menu, they seem to have a much more easy-to-reach home now: right on the lock screen.

Streaming giant Roku comes to Germany: US streaming giant Roku, one of the leading manufacturers of TV streaming devices from the United States, will bring its devices to the German market later this year. On the one hand, global streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ can be used via Roku. However, Roku also wants to integrate local services from Sky Ticket, TV NOW (RTL+) and Seven.One Entertainment in Germany. In Germany, Roku is initially working with its own hardware, which can be plugged into any TV.

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According to Samsung, the SmartThings app is already compatible with products from more than 200 manufacturers, and now with Bosch appliances as well.


Smart city as CO₂ inhibitor: Digitization could make a major contribution to Germany’s 2030 climate target. It could lead to high CO₂ savings in cities and metropolitan areas. This is the conclusion reached by researchers in their study „The Smart City Market in Germany, 2021-2026“, which has just been published. According to the study, the authors expect major sustainability effects in the internet economy, building automation, transport and logistics, energy supply, healthcare, and retail and hospitality sectors by 2026. They assume that gigabit-capable infrastructures, for example, could reduce CO₂ emissions by 270,000 tons in data transport.

iRobot boss thinks household robots with arms are feasible: A first household robot with arms could sell for under US$1,000. „We’re at a point where we’re starting to understand the environment we’re operating in to the point where we can do something like this,“ said iRobot CEO Colin Angle. Even in the industry, however, people are still puzzling over what the task of a first household robot with arms will be, Angle qualified. A key question is how much consumers would be willing to pay for such an innovation. „If it’s US$1,000, it could probably be done.“ If it’s a premium of less than US$100, more likely not. In general, it will be the case when the added value exceeds the costs that such a machine brings to the customer.

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„Everyone wants to invest in digitalization and transform digitally. Especially the young generation of entrepreneurs is driving digitalization.“
Hagen Rickmann, Director for Business Customers at Telekom Germany, on the current digitalization debate.


Siri eavesdrops on conversations – users sue Apple: Tech companies have long encouraged putting listening devices in homes and pockets, attempting to convince consumers to rely on their voice assistants for any little need that pops up. But some are growing concerned that these devices are recording even when they’re not supposed to — and they’re taking their fears to the courts. On Thursday, a judge ruled that Apple will have to continue fighting a lawsuit brought by users in federal court in California, alleging that the company’s voice assistant Siri has improperly recorded private conversations. The judge said that most of the lawsuit could move forward, despite Apple’s request to have it thrown out.

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